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tnl policies & procedures


1)     Early division begins 2:00-4:30.  If playing earlier, contact pro shop for tee times. 

2)     Late division begins 4:30-6:00.

3)     If one of the teams cannot play the match as scheduled, one of the procedures outlined below should be used. No team may implement this procedure more than two times during the season for their reasons.  The match must be made up prior to the next scheduled league date.  Any team invoking their right to invoke one of these choices must be noted on the scorecard. 

a.      Make up the match at a mutually agreeable time.

b.      Match cards, with each team playing the same nine and filing the results (the team invoking this procedure must be noted on the card.              

4.      Scorecards should be signed by one player from each team.  Each team should check the card for accuracy immediately after play.  The card is considered official when it is deposited in the TNL box.  

5.      When a substitute plays, his handicap is used to determine who he plays; i.e. if his is the lowest handicap on the team, he plays the other team's lowest handicapper.

6.      Players who are over 70, or are over 65 and have a league handicap of 10 or more, have the option of playing from the gold tees.  To implement this option, they must let the league coordinator know they wish to do so.  The current league handicap will usually be reduced by two strokes until a new league handicap has been determined (4 rounds).

7. If all teams have played at least 5 holes when played is halted (rain,etc.), the results of the match will be computed as the match stood when play was halted. If any team could not have played 5 holes, the round will be cancelled in its entirety. Remember, the PGA sometimes plays in the rain.

8.      There are no rain date is on the schedule.  If a rain-out occurs, there will be no make-up.

9.      If there is an odd number of teams in a division, one team each week will be scheduled to play the "phantom" team.  You will turn in a scorecard for 9 holes.  The computer will pick the players you play against and compute the results.

10.      The next to last week will be a "positioning" week (1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc).  A schedule will be created and distributed by email after play the previous week.

11.   The last week is the championship play of the division champions and also a 4-man captain and crew format (both 18-hole & 9-hole available) played just before the banquet.  You set up the teams.  Prizes are awarded.  If this is rained out, the banquet is held but the captain/crew is not.       


1.       6 points are available each night, 2 for each individual match and 2 for the team match.  In the case of a forfeit (for whatever reason), the team not forfeiting must play and turn in a scorecard (see #2).   

2.       Forfeit Procedure - The playing team will be awarded three points and will play against the forfeiting team’s adjusted average score for the other 3 points (the forfeiting team cannot receive points).  If both teams fail to play, there will be no points awarded.

3.   Gross scores only on card.

4.     Total the score for each golfer on the card.  This helps when the scores are entered in the computer.


1)    Handicaps are based only on the scores you achieve in the Tuesday Night League.

2)     Both individual handicap strokes (o) and team handicap strokes (+) are on the card. 

3)     The handicap indicated is your 9-hole handicap multiplied by 2.  This puts the handicapping information for both the front and back nines on the card.

4)     If a player played last year, his starting handicap will be his league handicap from last year. 

5)     A new player will use one-half of 80% of his regular club handicap.  After he has played 2 times, his league handicap will be figured based on his league play only. 

6)     When a foursome has a mix of white and gold tee players, each player who plays from the white tees will have one additional stroke added to his league handicap.  This will be reflected on the score card for that night.  This is in accordance with USGA rules.


1.      Each team is responsible for getting their own substitutes.  The substitutes full name must be noted on the card.  A substitute list is available on the Tuesday Night League bulletin board in the locker room.  Any MGA member (all male members of OCC) may substitute in the league. Players must be members of OCC.

2.      No team may have 2 subs on the same night.                                                             



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