Oneonta Country Club

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Dress Code

At the Oneonta Country Club, we want to foster a positive, family experience. We want to welcome as many people as possible to enjoy our facilities!

Golfers, guests, and visitors to the Club are encouraged to dress in clean, tasteful attire. We encourage you to wear collared shirts. Short-sleeved polos are perfect for much of our season! If you want to wear shorts, they should be of "Bermuda" length and fit appropriately. Please refrain from wearing blue jeans, cut-off shorts, or sleeveless tops.

If, for any reason, you are in the area and find yourself without appropriate attire, we can help you! Our ProShop has a full line of stylish apparel for you!

For the upkeep of our grounds and buildings, please use soft-spikes or spikeless footwear. If you need assistance with this, the ProShop staff can certainly accommodate you. Please be aware of your footing on the grass, wood, tile, bridges, and other surfaces around the course. We don't want your visit to be spoiled in any way!

We ask that you please be respectful of others who are also enjoying the grounds. Kindly refrain from profanity or otherwise rude behavior.

If you have any questions at all, please contact a member of the ProShop Staff.

And, above all, have a great day at the Oneonta Country Club!
Thanks for coming out!


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