Oneonta Country Club

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According to the earliest records we have, the Oneonta Country Club was originally envisioned on July 19th, 1913 by "a meeting of gentlemen interested in the organization of a country club". These were men of action, and it wasn't long before stocks were issued and funds raised, to make this dream a reality. The original purchase of land was made in August of that same year, and memberships began soon after.

his year, 2013, we celebrate our 100th anniversary! You are invited to join us as we remember our history. From old minute books, and images, to the remembrances of some of our most respected members, let us show you where we come from... and where we're going!

No longer the exclusive club of the past, we want to welcome everyone to come and experience the area's premier golf course. We will be holding Centennial Events and Specials throughout the season, so don't miss out! Keep an eye on our Events page and mark your calendars!

We'll be sure to post more news and pictures here as the Season continues. Check back to see!


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